Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Best Bodybuilding Tips For You

Bodybuilding is a demanding pursuit almost by definition. So many dietary and lifestyle factors can contribute to success with bodybuilding. Getting enough protein and lifting enough weight may be essential, but the way you do it is everything. Bodybuilding requires not only discipline; it requires directed discipline.

The best bodybuilding tips line are simple guidelines that anyone can work into their dieting and workout routines. In some cases, they involve shaking up your routine. For instance, bodybuilders should vary their routines every two weeks, at least. If they have gotten comfortable with any one single exercise routine, they are maintaining, and it is time to up the ante.

If bodybuilders do not vary their routines, it is all too easy to reach a plateau, and not make any more progress. If bodybuilding is all about testing your limits and overcoming obstacles, the best bodybuilding tips would involve treating your workout and exercise routines the same way.

Bodybuilders should also follow the 'work smarter, not harder' principle. In terms of exercise, one of the best bodybuilding tips involves discouraging bodybuilders from wasting their time on exercises that do not stimulate at least two muscle groups at once. Shoulder presses and bench presses will do the trick, but curling and push-ups are probably best left for beginners.

Some of the best bodybuilding tips will have to reflect metabolic input as well as metabolic output. Diet can be as important as exercise with bodybuilding. Proteins allow the body to build muscle and carbohydrates give the body the necessary energy to complete the workouts in the first place. Bodybuilders must pay attention to their dietary needs if they want to make significant progress.

One of the ways bodybuilders can maximize their success with diet and exercise is to eat both before and after a workout. The body will use the initial fuel to get through the workout. After a grueling workout, the body will need replacement fuel, which is where the second meal comes into play.

If bodybuilding is all about increasing your body mass and working your shape into your own personal ideal, your workout has to follow in turn. Bodybuilders should always try to do one repetition more than they think they can, and add a few minutes to any exercise routine. Not only will increasing your workout make you feel better physically, it will provide you with even more motivation.

Even changes in location can make all the difference. Bodybuilders should make sure they are working in a gym that is friendly to bodybuilders, and where they can get support from their fellow bodybuilders. They need the right environment to grow and change, with like-minded people.


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Sandy's state-by-state path of destruction

The massive storm that started out as Hurricane Sandy slammed into the East Coast and morphed into a huge and problematic system, putting more than 7.3 million homes and businesses in the dark and causing at least 16 deaths. Here's a snapshot of what is happening, state by state.


North Carolina Gov. Beverly Perdue expanded a state of emergency to western North Carolina, which could see a foot of snow. A woman who was pulled from the Atlantic after abandoning a tall ship died. Power outages: 6,600.


The Long Island Sound flooded roads as the storm toppled trees and power lines Two people died, including an Easton firefighter who was killed when a tree fell on his truck. Power outages: More than 630,000.


Nearly all residents of flood-prone coastal communities in Kent County heeded calls to evacuate. The Rehoboth Beach and Dewey Beach resort communities were flooded. Power outages: 34,000.


High wind warnings and a lakeshore flood warning are in effect Tuesday and Wednesday in Chicago. City officials said Lake Shore Drive is expected to remain open.


A winter storm warning is in effect for three southeastern counties until Wednesday. In some areas, winds could gust up to 50 mph through Tuesday.


Wind gusts topped 60 mph, shutting down the port of Portland and knocking out power to homes and businesses. Power outages: 80,000.


Floodwaters swamped touristy Ocean City. In western Maryland, snow tied up traffic. A falling tree killed a man in Pasadena. Power outages: 290,000.


Strong winds and heavy surf led to mandatory evacuations in sections of coastal Dartmouth and Fall River and voluntary evacuations in other coastal communities. Power outages: 400,000.


High winds knocked out power to about 23,000 homes and businesses.


Politicians canceled visits to the presidential swing state on Monday. Power outages: 196,000.


The center of the storm came ashore Monday evening near Atlantic City, which was cut off from the mainland by the storm surge along with other barrier islands, stranding residents who ignored warnings to evacuate. At least three deaths were reported. Power outages: 2.2 million.


A record storm surge that was higher than predicted along with high winds damaged the electrical system and plunged millions of people into darkness. Utilities say it could be up to a week before power is fully restored. The governor's office said there were five storm-related deaths. A fire was burning 15 houses in one flooded section of Queens. Power outages: 1.8 million.


Wind gusts of up to 60 mph could hit some counties on Tuesday and rain could change over to a snowy mix. Utilities expect the wind to continue blowing down trees and poles. Power outages: More than 215,000.


Wind and flooding closing more than 200 bridges and roads. Three people died, including an 8-year-old boy who was killed when a tree limb fell on him. Power outages: 1.2 million.


Howling winds and storm surges forced mandatory and voluntary evacuations in low-lying and coastal communities. Power outages: 110,000.


Snow expected in higher elevations, where a freeze warning has been issued. High winds expected in many areas.


Winds knocked down trees and power lines, and localized flooding is possible Tuesday. Power outages: 14,470.


Utilities brought in crews to help restore power after high winds and snow. A curfew was ordered Monday on Chincoteague Island. Power outages: 151,800.


Federal and local governments will remain closed Tuesday along with the courts, public schools and the Metro system that serves 1.2 million weekday customers. Widespread cancellations are expected at the region's three major airports. Power outages: 11,000.


At least 15 counties are under a blizzard warning. A woman was killed in a traffic crash. Power outages: 15,000.


A village along Lake Michigan suggested residents evacuate Tuesday morning because of the possibility of dangerously high waves and flooding.


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ONE{DOCK} to rule them all

The ONE{DOCK} is a customizable docking station for Apple and Samsung devices such as the iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, Samsung Galaxy I, II, III and Nexus. Currently seeking $90,000 funding from Kickstarter, this dock is machined from solid aluminium (weight: 0.8lbs), bead blast and anodized. Plastic inserts are included that will allow you [...]


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Friday, October 26, 2012

Scott Crow is in Olympia for a few speaking events | Olympia ...

Activist, anarchist, writer, organizer ? Scott Crow ? is going to be in Olympia for a few speaking engagements over the next few days. He will be at South Puget Sound Community College on Oct 25th at noon, Room 102, Building 26

Then he will be at Last Word Books on Friday, Oct 26th at 7:30 pm. and one more time in Oly on Monday, Oct 29th at Lecture Hall 2, The Evergreen State College at noon.

Want to understand anarchism? Learn more about it. It?s not what you may think.

Want to continue to misunderstand and misrepresent anarchism? As Bobby Dylan said, ?you are going to have to serve somebody?? Choose today, who will you serve? You are going to have to serve somebody.

Black Flags and Radical Relief Efforts in New Orleans: An Interview with scott crow

Author and activist scott crow

?Solidarity not Charity? is a way of feeding people while addressing the underlying problems that cause hunger. The way this manifested itself in Common Ground was to immediately deliver and render aid where the state had failed, and then to leave structures in place so communities can continue to rebuild themselves as they see fit.?

Interview by Stevie Peace & Kevin Van Meter

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina both federal and local authorities failed the population of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast region. As a result, relief efforts from various sectors of American society flowed south. One of the first and most spectacular and aggressive efforts was Common Ground Relief ? formed by strands of the anti-globalization and anarchist movements. scott crow documents these struggles in ?Black Flags and Windmills: Hope, Anarchy, and the Common Ground Collective?, recently released by PM Press. In this interview, Crow describes the process of becoming an author after being an organizer, reviews the history and myths of Common Ground and explores possible lessons for future progressive and radical organizing. Visit crow?s website at

Can you speak to the writing process behind ?Black Flags and Windmills? and your shift from an organizer to an author?

One word: difficult. I don?t consider myself a writer; and while I have written a few pieces over the years, it has mostly been out of necessity. From my arrival in New Orleans I took copious notes. Every time I would get moments to get away, I would take notes about organizing and creating an organization to deal with the disaster following Hurricane Katrina. Additionally, I wrote communiqu?s from just days after the storm and continued for three years. I went back to all of those writings and began turning them into chapters. On a personal level it was healing to write: I came back with post-traumatic stress, couldn?t function in society and felt like the ghost in the machine a lot. The writing actually helped me to relive those traumas in a different way, to really dissect them. It was almost a five-year process; I feel so much better now than I did when I started the book. This is not to say that ?Black Flags and Windmills? is a sorrow-filled book. There are lots of beautiful stories along the way and lots of really engaging organizing that was going on. The book describes the anarchist heyday of Common Ground, when the most self-identified anarchists came; this was early September 2005 until 2008. Afterward, the organization became much more structured in a traditional nonprofit way. This is not to denigrate it ? just to say that the book focuses on this initial period of ?black flags? at Common Ground.

Since memory is a tricky thing, I did outside research and revisited with people. I went back to news articles from grassroots media, reports and blogs to look at specific events and the way things unfolded. Then, I would ask key organizers and New Orleans residents, ?Do you remember when this thing happened?? Sometimes it was completely different from how I remembered it. I don?t claim to speak for Common Ground, as I think that would do a disservice to the thousands of people who participated and the hundreds of key organizers that were there.

When I tell a story I want people to understand it and create common bonds. I wrote this book for people who might not have any understanding about radical or anarchist concepts. I always ask myself, ?What would my mom think about this?? While I wrote it for people like her, my target audience was those who were coming into movements and might be inspired by what Common Ground was building. I used the stories in the book to give a primer on the theoretical background of anarchism in practice. Another part of the book is telling my own personal narrative. It?s not because I think my story is important, but I wanted to show that I am a regular person that was just caught up in extraordinary circumstances.

Want to know more? Read the whole piece. Come sit in on one of the events.

Tags: Anarchism, class struggle, economic justice, peace, Scott Crow


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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Add the Fed to Your List of Manipulators | Breakout - Yahoo! Finance

The Federal Reserve's policy setting panel wound down its two-day meeting today, holding steady with its current stimulus plan, and I can't help thinking about the old quip, "the beatings will continue until morale improves." But in this case the beatings are bond purchases, as Ben Bernanke and friends are going to keep delivering them ? at $40 billion a month ? whether they're working or not.

"We're QE3 skeptics," says Jeff Cleveland, senior economist at Payden & Rygel, in the attached video. "We fail to see the direct link, or even an indirect link, between the size of the Fed's balance sheet (how many bonds they have) and the unemployment rate."

While more than a few observers have taken note of the fact that the stock market's initial celebration of the open-ended stimulus plan (unveiled a month ago) is not only done and gone, but was extraordinarily short. While Cleveland is willing to overlook the short-term volatility of equities, he's less forgiving about the artificial impact QE3 is having on the supply and demand dynamics of the bond market.

"What [the Fed] is really doing, day to day, is removing liquid, and quite frankly, highly sought after securities from the bond market," he says. Cleveland acknowledges that the program clearly keeps rates down but argues that it has "very little" impact on unemployment.

Of course, only time will tell how long the Fed sticks with its bond-buying binge and what, if any, results that garners. From his point of view, Cleveland sees the Fed as "true believers" who are acting independently and could continue the program well into 2013 in hopes of achieving of their long-term goals.

"It's interesting to me that when the Chinese central bank buys treasuries, that's currency manipulation. When the Fed buys Treasuries, well, that's just good economic policy," he says.

In the meantime, the early results of QE3 in the bond market appear to be as inconclusive as those on the stock side of things, with the yield on the 10-year Treasury almost back to its pre-ease levels again and closing in on a five-month high.


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Art imitates life and death for playwright, actress | gehringer, play ...

Linda Gehringer is living an actor's dream ? owning a meaty and rewarding stage role for many productions.

"I've been involved with this script for three years," Gehringer said of Bill Cain's "How to Write a New Book for the Bible." "It's been amazing." Gehringer has been on board since the play's first reading at the Ojai Playwrights Conference. She plays Mary, a strong and proud woman who is dying of cancer.


?How to Write a New Book for the Bible?

Where: Segerstom Stage, South Coast Repertory, 655 Town Center Drive, Costa Mesa

When: Previews end Oct. 25. Regular performances Oct. 26-Nov. 25. 7:30 p.m. Tuesdays-Wednesday, 8 p.m. Thursdays-Fridays, 2:30 and 8 p.m. Saturdays-Sundays. No evening performance Nov. 18.

How much: $20-$70

Tickets: 714-708-5555


Gehringer, a familiar face at South Coast Repertory, will be presenting her work in front of her longtime fans when Cain's play opens Friday on the Costa Mesa theater's Segerstrom Stage.

Playing Mary is "pretty much what I've been doing for a while," said Gehringer, whose active career also includes recurring TV roles ("Justified," "Ally McBeal") and small but memorable parts on film. "I spent most of the last year with this play; we did productions of it at Berkeley Rep and Seattle Rep."

Cain, a priest and increasingly respected playwright (his Shakespearean mystery "Equivocation" has been frequently produced in the last few years), drew from his own life for the story.

Cain's autobiographical double decides to chronicle the last six months of his mother's life after he moves into her home to care for her. They have a history of disagreement and struggle, which are worked through over the course of the play.

Gehringer was suggested for the part of Mary by Seattle Repertory Theatre artistic director Robert Egan. But she had to persuade Cain she was the right actress for Mary.

"The character is described as 75 or older ? the older the better really. When I walked in (Cain) stared at me and said, 'What?' He thought I was too young."

"As it turns out, (Mary) plays different ages in the play: 40, 50, 60. It ended up being perfect for me."

As the play went through a round of readings in different cities, Gehringer sensed it was something special. "It had a profound effect on the audience. They wanted to talk about it; they wanted to talk about their own experiences too. It touches most people very deeply because we all go through something like this at some point in our lives."

"We've had such interesting talkbacks. This woman said to us, 'I've been through this a couple of times in the last year with people who were very close to me. I felt so alone. After seeing this play I don't feel alone anymore."


Cain's play came about as a result of his mother's death, Gehringer said.

"At one point in his life he went home to take care of his mother when she was sick. After she passed away he was trying to deal with his feelings. He decided to write a book with this title. It turned into a play after someone read it and told him it would be a wonderful story to stage."

Cain is a Jesuit priest, but Gehringer said his philosophy is sophisticated and includes humor and irreverence.

"Underneath it all, Bill has a deep love of God and the spirit. The play can be very funny at times though, and it can turn religion on its head."

Gehringer was drawn to the subject for personal reasons, too.

"I took care of my mother at the end. She was the age I am now; she wasn't even 60 when she passed away. It was right around the time my first husband died. When I was first acting the role, it touched on so many of those things. My mom and Mary were completely different kinds of people, but it's amazing what they shared ? a fierce sense of pride and dignity, and wanting to hold on to life."

It was emotionally difficult at first for Gehringer to make it through the readings.

"When I was first reading it I was crying a lot. I kept saying to Bill, 'Don't worry, I won't cry when I'm performing.' (Mary) is not a person who would ever cry for herself."

Gehringer was also attracted to the role because of its outward ordinariness, the actress said. "She's just a mom who lived in Syrcacuse, New York. She raised her kids there."

But to Gehringer, Mary's strength of spirit made her memorable.

"Once in Berkeley an audience member said, 'You never see a play about an ordinary person.' I thought, 'My God, I've come to think of her as anything but ordinary.' That's because when you get to know a person like Mary, you realize their strengths."

Cain revealed to Gehringer that the play's name came about because he wanted his story to be a celebration of life.

"Bill told me it's not a play about cancer or dying, it's about the vital importance of family and how to celebrate our lives. He says that everyone has a story that could belong in the Bible. Every 100 years each family should write a new chapter for the Bible about their own experiences."

Contact the writer: 714-796-7979 or


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A Ray of Hope

Every day until the election, Slate will offer up one reason to be optimistic for your candidate.

Today?s Good News for Romney: Now that the debates are behind us, some of the more lasting effects are clear. The debates changed voters? minds about Mitt Romney, but not about President Obama. After the debates, 37 percent say they have a better opinion of Romney, while only 16 percent say they have a better opinion of Obama. Meanwhile, 63 percent say their opinion of Obama has not changed, but only 44 percent say their opinion of Romney remained the same. Obama may have won two out of three debates, but Romney walked away with something more valuable?a new image.


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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Head of pilots' union says latest delay in American Airlines bankruptcy helps takeover chances

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The requested URL /Canada---World/Society/2012-10-23/article-3105877/Head-of-pilots-union-says-latest-delay-in-American-Airlines-bankruptcy-helps-takeover-chances/1 was not found on this server.

Apache Server at Port 8081


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Visitors to Canada Insurance: Premium Super Visa Insurance

We would like to introduce Premium Super Visa Insurance, a new Travel/Visitor Insurance?in the market. As we all have faced difficulties and complexities understanding different type of?Travel/Visitor Insurance products, being it for rates or product itself. We hereby take this opportunity to?introduce this plan that has taken the best of both worlds and bundled it into one.?

Our product is the best in the market and is designed keeping the best features and benefits?in mind. It is great opportunity for you to have this product for your parents or grand parents. There is no other?

product that comes close either, in rates or benefits offered.?

If you have questions,?please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to serving you.?

Our Super Visa Insurance Specialists will help you arrange it. Please call us at toll free 1-888-267-4461 or e-mail to


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Leveraging SEO To Increase Your Company's ROI


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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Huge Piece of writing Supply: With an Bum marketing Supplier for ...

Sorry, Readability was unable to parse this page for content.


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Final debate: Challenging each other face to face

BOCA RATON, Fla. (AP) ? President Barack Obama sharply challenged Mitt Romney on foreign policy in their final campaign debate Monday night, saying, "Every time you've offered an opinion you've been wrong." The Republican coolly responded, "Attacking me is not an agenda" for dealing with a dangerous world.

Romney took the offensive, too. When Obama said the U.S. and its allies have imposed crippling sanctions on Iran to halt nuclear weapons development, the Republican challenger responded that the U.S. should have done more. He declared repeatedly, "We're four years closer to a nuclear Iran."

Despite the debate's stated focus on foreign affairs, time after time the rivals turned the discussion back to the slowly recovering U.S. economy, which polls show is the No. 1 issue for most voters.

They found little agreement on that, but the president and his rival found accord on at least one international topic with domestic political overtones ? Israel's security ? as they sat at close quarters 15 days before the end of an impossibly close election campaign. Each stressed unequivocal support for Israel when asked how he would respond if the Jewish state were attacked by Iran.

"If Israel is attacked, we have their back," said Romney ? moments after Obama vowed, "I will stand with Israel if Israel is attacked."

Both also said they oppose direct U.S. military involvement in the efforts to topple Syrian President Bashir Assad.

The debate produced none of the finger-pointing and little of the interrupting that marked the presidential rivals' debate last week, when Obama needed a comeback after a listless performance in their first meeting on Oct. 3.

But there was no mistaking the urgency. The two men frequently sniped at one another even on issues where they agree, and reprised their campaign-long disagreements over the economy, energy, education and other domestic issues despite ground rules that stipulated the debate cover international affairs.

Obama and Romney are locked in a close race in national opinion polls. The final debate behind them, both men intend to embark on a final two-week whirlwind of campaigning. The president is slated to speak in six states during a two-day trip that begins Wednesday and includes a night aboard Air force One as it flies from Las Vegas to Tampa. Romney intends to visit two or three states a day.

Already four million ballots have been cast in early voting in more than two dozen states.

On the Middle East, Romney said that despite early hopes, the ouster of despotic regimes in Egypt, Libya and elsewhere over the past year has resulted in a "rising tide of chaos." He said the president has failed to come up with a coherent policy to grapple with change sweeping the Middle East, and he added ominously that an al-Qaida-like group has taken over northern Mali.

Anticipating one of Obama's most frequent campaign assertions, Romney said of the man seated nearby, "I congratulate him on taking out Osama bin Laden and taking on the leadership of al-Qaida. But we can't kill our way out of this. ... We must have a comprehensive strategy."

More than a half hour later, Obama returned to the subject, saying that Romney had once said it wasn't worth moving heaven and earth to catch one man, a reference to the mastermind behind the 9/11 terror attacks.

He said he had decided it was "worth heaven and earth."

Obama said he had ended the war in Iraq, was on a path to end the U.S. combat role in Afghanistan and has vowed to bring justice to the attackers of the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi last month ? an assault that killed the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other Americans.

He also jabbed at Romney's having said during the campaign that Russia is the United States' No. 1 geopolitical foe.

"Governor, when it comes to our foreign policy you seem to want the policies of the 1980s, just like you want to import the social policies of the 1950s and the economic policies in the 1920s," Obama said.

Obama was snippy after Romney, criticizing the administration's Pentagon budget, said disapprovingly the U.S. Navy has fewer ships than at any time since the end of World War I.

"I think Governor Romney maybe hasn't spent enough time looking at how our military works. You mentioned the Navy, for example, that we have fewer ships than we did in 1916. Well, Governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets because the nature of our military has changed. We have these things called aircraft carriers where planes land on them."

Romney offered unusual praise for Obama's war efforts in Afghanistan, declaring the 2010 surge of 33,000 U.S. troops a success and asserting that efforts to train Afghan security forces are on track to enable the U.S. and its allies to put the Afghans fully in charge of security by the end of 2014. He said that U.S. forces should complete their withdrawal on that schedule; previously he has criticized the setting of a specific withdrawal date.

The two men are locked in a close race in national opinion polls. The final debate behind them, they intend to embark on a final two-week whirlwind of campaigning. The president is slated to speak in six states during a two-day trip that begins Wednesday and includes a night aboard Air force One as it flies from Las Vegas to Tampa. Romney intends to visit two or three states a day.

Already four million ballots have been cast in early voting in more than two dozen states.

Barring a last-minute change in strategy by one campaign or the other, Obama appears on course to win states and the District of Columbia that account for 237 of the 270 electoral votes needed for victory. The same is true for Romney in states with 191 electoral votes.

The battlegrounds account for the remaining 110 electoral votes: Florida (29), North Carolina (15), Virginia (13), New Hampshire (4), Iowa (6), Colorado (9), Nevada (6), Ohio (18) and Wisconsin (10).

The televised debate brought no cessation to other campaigning.

Obama's campaign launched a television ad in Florida that said the president ended the war in Iraq and has a plan to do the same in Afghanistan, accusing Romney of opposing him on both. It was not clear how often the ad would air, given the fall's overall focus on the economy.

Vice President Joe Biden, campaigning in Canton, Ohio, emphasized differences between the two candidates on the war in Afghanistan.

"We will leave Afghanistan in 2014, period. They say it depends," he said. "Ladies and gentlemen, like everything with them, it depends. It depends on what day you find these guys."

Romney's running mate, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, was in Colorado. "We are in the midst of deciding the kind of country we're going to be, the kind of people we're going to be, for a generation," he said.

Whatever the outcome of the final face-to-face confrontation, the debates have left an imprint on the race. Romney was widely judged the winner of the first debate over a listless president on Oct. 3, and he has risen in polls in the days since. Obama was much more energetic in the second.

Monday night marked the third time in less than a week that the president and his challenger shared a stage, following the feisty 90-minute town-hall-style meeting last Tuesday on Long Island and a white-tie charity dinner two night later where gracious compliments flowed and barbs dipped in humor flew.

At the Al Smith charity dinner, Obama previewed his all-purpose fallback to criticism on international affairs.

"Spoiler alert: We got bin Laden," he said, a reminder of the signature foreign policy triumph of his term, the death at the hand of U.S. special operations forces of the mastermind behind the terror attacks on the United States more than a decade ago.

The president and his challenger agreed long ago to devote one of their three debates to foreign policy, even though opinion polls show voters care most about economic concerns.

Growth has been slow and unemployment high across Obama's tenure in the White House. Romney, a wealthy former businessman, cites his experience as evidence he will put in place policies that can revive the economy.

In recent weeks, the former Massachusetts governor has stepped up his criticism of the president's handling of international matters, although his campaign hasn't spent any of its television advertising budget on commercials on the subject.

In a speech earlier this month, Romney accused the president of an absence of strong leadership in the Middle East, where popular revolutions have swept away autocratic regimes in Egypt and elsewhere in the past two years. He has also accused Obama of failing to support Israel strongly enough, of failing to make it clear that Iran will not be allowed to develop a nuclear weapon and of backing cuts in the defense budget that would harm military readiness.

Yet Romney has stumbled several times in attempting to establish his own credentials.

He offended the British when he traveled to England this summer and made comments viewed as critical of their preparation for the Olympic Games.

Democrats pounced when he failed to mention the U.S. troops in Afghanistan or Iraq during his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention in late August, and officials in both parties were critical of his comments about the attack in Benghazi while the facts were unknown.


Espo reported from Washington.


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'Iron Man 3' Trailer: Watch Now!

Tony Stark returns in his first post-'Avengers' appearance in Marvel's new 'Iron Man 3' trailer.
By Josh Wigler

Robert Downey Jr. in "Iron Man 3"
Photo: Marvel


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Monday, October 22, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Jam: Daryl Hall With Butch Walker, 'Bodegas and Blood' (Little green footballs)

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Split-personality elliptical galaxy holds a hidden spiral

ScienceDaily (Oct. 22, 2012) ? Most big galaxies fit into one of two camps: pinwheel-shaped spiral galaxies and blobby elliptical galaxies. Spirals like the Milky Way are hip and happening places, with plenty of gas and dust to birth new stars. Ellipticals are like cosmic retirement villages, full of aging residents in the form of red giant stars. Now, astronomers have discovered that one well-known elliptical has a split personality. Centaurus A is hiding a gassy spiral in its center.

"No other elliptical galaxy is known to have spiral arms," said lead author Daniel Espada (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan & Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics). "Centaurus A may be an old galaxy, but it's still very young at heart."

Centaurus A isn't your typical elliptical to begin with. Its most striking feature is a dark dust lane across its middle -- a sign that it swallowed a spiral galaxy about 300 million years ago.

Centaurus A slurped that galaxy's gases down, forming a disk that we see nearly edge on. From our point of view, any features in that disk have been hidden by the intervening dust.

To tease out the disk's structure, Espada and his colleagues used the sharp vision of the Smithsonian's Submillimeter Array. This radio telescope can see through dust to pick up signals from naturally occurring carbon monoxide gas. By mapping the gas, the team unveiled two distinct spiral arms within the galaxy's core.

These gaseous tendrils have sizes and shapes similar to spiral arms in galaxies like the Milky Way. Also like the Milky Way's spiral arms, they are forming new generations of stars.

"Centaurus A has been given a new lease on life by that past merger," said Espada.

Computer simulations suggest that the spiral features might endure for hundreds of millions of years to come.

Although Centaurus A is the first elliptical galaxy found to have spiral arms, it may not be the last. Since it's only 12 million light-years away, it's relatively nearby and easy to study. The Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) potentially can find more split-personality galaxies with its improved radio "vision."

"We definitely will use ALMA to search for other objects that are similar to Centaurus A," added Espada.

These findings were published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters.

Headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) is a joint collaboration between the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory and the Harvard College Observatory. CfA scientists, organized into six research divisions, study the origin, evolution and ultimate fate of the universe.

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Note: Materials may be edited for content and length. For further information, please contact the source cited above.

Journal Reference:

  1. D. Espada, S. Matsushita, A. B. Peck, C. Henkel, F. Israel, D. Iono. Disentangling the Circumnuclear Environs of Centaurus A: Gaseous Spiral Arms in a Giant Elliptical Galaxy. The Astrophysical Journal, 2012; 756 (1): L10 DOI: 10.1088/2041-8205/756/1/L10

Note: If no author is given, the source is cited instead.

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect those of ScienceDaily or its staff.


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Reminder: Our Million Member Giveaway is in full swing until Nov. 15


What has one million members and happens to be the best damn Android site on the Internet? You're looking at it! To celebrate this milestone, our Forums admin, podcast personality, and all-around great guy Cory Streater is holding one heck of a contest in the forums. In case you've been under a rock for a week, here's the prize list:

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It's an awesome list of prizes for an awesome community of members, and we want to make sure you have a chance to enter. You do that by clicking the big link below. You don't want to miss out on this one folks!

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Like girls, U.S. boys may be hitting puberty earlier

NEW YORK | Sat Oct 20, 2012 10:37am EDT

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Boys in the United States may be entering puberty earlier than in generations past, a new study has found, suggesting it's not just girls who are developing at younger ages.

In comparisons with decades-old data, boys who were seen for well-child visits between 2005 and 2010 were maturing six months to two years sooner, based on their genital development.

The finding is significant for researchers seeking to understand why the age of puberty may be creeping down.

The discovery is also important for parents, who have to know how and when to discuss changing bodies with their children, according to the lead author of the study published online Saturday by the journal Pediatrics.

For the full study, see

"They need to talk to their boys earlier than they would have thought about puberty and sexual development and all of those related issues," said Marcia Herman-Giddens at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Recent studies from the United States and elsewhere have shown that girls are maturing at a younger age, with many starting to develop breasts as early as age 7 or 8.

Doctors haven't necessarily thought the same early puberty trend applied to boys. Some doctors blame estrogen-like chemicals in the environment for girls' earlier development. Those same chemicals would be expected to delay sexual maturation in boys.

But even if boys are developing earlier than in the past, that doesn't mean they are more mature socially and psychologically at younger ages, researchers said.

"Now there's probably a bigger disparity between their physical maturation and their psychosocial maturation," said Dr. Frank Biro, head of adolescent medicine at Cincinnati Children's Medical Center, who wasn't involved in the new analysis.

"People are going to interact with them like they're older," he told Reuters Health.


Data for the new study came from 144 U.S. pediatric practices and included 4,131 boys age 6 to 16.

Based on the so-called Tanner stages of development - a technique doctors use to measure how far along in puberty a young person is - genital changes in boys started around the age of 9 or 10, and pubic hair appeared between age 10 and 11 1/2, on average.

Testicle size hit a common measure for the start of puberty just before age 10 and full sexual maturity happened at 15 to 16.

In general, African-American boys developed earlier than their white and Hispanic peers, Herman-Giddens and her colleagues reported.

A study from the 1950s through 1970s of white boys in England - for which the Tanner scale is named - found boys started genital development at age 11.6, on average. Other data through the 1970s also put the start of genital changes between age 11 and 12, and pubic hair development typically between 12 and 13 - about two years later than in the new study.

Despite strong evidence showing girls are developing breasts and getting their periods at younger and younger ages, Herman-Giddens said it is still not clear why boys may also be hitting puberty sooner than in years past. One possible explanation is high rates of obesity, which alters the body's hormone levels.

"The reasons it is happening may not be healthy," she told Reuters Health.

The new study wasn't designed to be representative of what is happening across the country. Biro said he thinks puberty is indeed coming earlier in U.S. boys in general, though other researchers may not agree.

Regardless of general trends, it is important for parents to pay attention to their own child's development, researchers said, and to know when to start talking to them about sexual activity, he said.

"Parents need to monitor both their daughters and their sons a little more closely than they would have before," Biro said.

(Editing by Christine Soares, Michele Gershberg and Kenneth Barry)


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File sharing & illegal downloading

?Why, why, why, why, why is it, that most of the people?who are against abortion, are people you wouldn?t wanna fuck in the first place huh??

George Carlin ?Back in town?

?Why, why, why, why, why is it, that most artists who are against file sharing, are artists you wouldn?t wanna their shit for free in the first place huh??

Joe the Plunger ?Gonzo Times?


File sharing & illegal downloading

?As per usual, I am not here to make an elaborate point of view on the pros and cons of the file sharing on going dilemma, just put my plunger into it, and let the shit run free. So to me file sharing has the same problem as smoking Marijuana, I know its illegal, but? fuck you I wont stop doing it.

I am an old fucker, therefore I come from the ?mixtape? tradition?of doing things, because I was poor and still am, so file sharing is just a move with the times way of doing things. Times are hard for everyone, so if the movie executives or great lords of the record industry cannot afford to buy a new?latest model?yacht, well fuck?em, because that?s?what boils down too in the end of the day.? They don?t give two shits?about no one but themselves. They all sound like Mitt Romney, when they talk about the new artist, or the new actor, or the children under age and under?paid?in some factory packaging the stuff, as if they really care for them. They don?t, all they want is profit, and anything that cut in a way of profit, it?s a?threat, and needs to be eliminated, well guess what? Times have changed so deal with it cock suckers.

I once saw a stand up comedian talking about it?s ok to eat meat as long as you eat meat from animals that commit suicide. If I was only to download music/movies from artists that are already dead, do you think the federation that makes these rules would be OK with it. Of course not, so there you have it, their argument on the new artist concern goes out of the window. The real working artist that is prepared?to work for its art sees the benefits out of file sharing, it?s the?shithead greedy fucker with no talent who is concern about.

Behind close doors masturbation is killing prostitution, and I don?t give a shit? Cope

A great deal of?musicians who are not afraid?of working for what they get, express their support for file sharing because that means selling?more tickets for the concerts. Unless you are prick like Kirk Hammett of shit band Metalica, who not very long ago had the audacity?the tell Rolling Stone magazine that; ?We would like to tour less but can?t afford to live out of the royalties anymore??. Oh bless your poor little heart. How I?d love to punch this pussy looking dickhead?in the fucking face. So let me get my head around this; Last Metalica?album went platinum 5 times, Metalica?s?last world tour grossed something like 218 million, Kirk?s personal fortune is of 70 million, and Metalica?can?t afford to stop touring? Please people, forget about Greece, Spain & Portugal bailout, lets all get some money together and bailout a bunch of talentless alcoholics headbangers, because they are in need, and maybe that way they can stop putting crap records out. I would download their music on principle?if that racket was any good, but lucky for them they fucking suck, so I don?t want that pile of sonic?pollution near my collection.

Metalica?also showed in the past?their disapproval towards file sharing, and they are not alone, as there are more talentless freaks to join the rooster, enters Elton John. When this old queen is not throwing?punches at Madonna for being as shit as he is, he likes to go all menstrual about file sharing, another artist who is wasting his time as I hardly see him being affected by it, if you take into account has been at least 50 years since the last time he had a?decent record out.

This?list could not be complete unless we had some self-centered, head up his ass?idiot like Bono to trow his weight around. The Messiah of Rock?n'Roll, who want to save the world with your wallet and leave his 600 million fortune out of it. Who the fuck is he trying to compete moneywise, the Vatican? The good old Live?Aid was good for something after all, not much for Africa though,?Africa still broke and starving as fuck, but not you Jesus Bono. Tell me something fuckface, when was the last time U2?had a good record out? Yes I know Bono, you are concern about?the new artist, so much so, that your band keeps putting out the same reductant?crap sound over and over again, crowding the market with re-releases, more and more expensive?each time, you are all heart. You too pal don?t bother worry about illegal downloads, your records have been shite for the best part of 25 years.

Oh Sheryl Crow! Yes she needs to join the party. Darling, keep wiping your ass with one square of tissue then you can stink as much as your entire back catalogue? And then you have a load of nobodies making their voice heard like Lilly Allen, Gary Barlow or?James Cunt (whatever his surname is). But the problem here is different, they really suck and they know it, so the only way to have people talking about them is?by talking shit so people take notice on who they are. Still no matter how much noise you make, I still think you guys are crap, your records stink, and even if you?paid me I wouldn?t want your music in my house, not fuck you and get lost.

And I only touched the tip of the iceberg?here, there are more people to add?here but fuck?em, I have better things to do they mention every dickhead in the music industry, recording artists or otherwise, to hell with them all, they are filthy rich and I am a broke ass punk.

One more last thing on the music, so we can move on onto something else, take a look at The Beatles back catalogue; Half the band is dead, and the person making the most money out of it is Yoko Ono???? Hello???? too fucking right I am downloading everything for free on principle. Sue me or blow me?you no talent bitch.

Home cooking is killing the catering industry? Fuck celebrity chefs, they can all fuck off and die?

Yet again as?usual, I am rambling a whole lotta?of nonsense, in every direction, making no sense at all, but hey, thats?the way I like it, so stick with, after all I could easily put some links of some really good articles on the subject, but I rather have you here wasting your time with me, besides, you know how to do a google if you really want facts. I don?t do facts, I just plunge shit out, you know that so don?t complain about the stink. With that out-of-the-way, lets move on.

Hollywood and the movie industry in general are up in arms over file sharing too, something to do with the fact not much people are prepared?to pay?50 or?60$ for a movie, soda &?popcorn (if you don?t get laid?at the end of that date, that?s what I call a crap investment). So poor old darling stars can no longer afford yet another mansion, swimming?pool in the shape of a dick with twin testicular?jacuzzies?or?organic fair?trade?crystal meth drug?habits. But fuck me sideways, what do you expect, do we really need yet another Batman, Spiderman, or another remake of a movie that was crap on the first run???? Fuck you buddy, times are hard to pay for crap. So yes people are stealing and so am I, because that?s what comes down to, you sell disposable shit to people for a profit, and people take notice and wont pay for it, as simple as that.

In the end of the day, I too feel sorry for the honest, real artist, because they get?affected? more by competing with the so-called?big names of the entertainment industry then from file sharing. Real artists they want to be?recognise?for their talent, and not for?making a fortune?out of?their lack of it (yes Lindsay Lohan you talentless crack head I am talking about you).

Then you have computer games at 100$ a pack, horrendously overpriced software, windows and apples repackaging of the same old shit, not to mention the 349 thousand new pointless?new recording stars that come out of stupid reality TV shows every 3 months, come on people, lets all get a new part-time?job, just so we can afford to consume?all this crap, you do that, as for me, I rather do a Robin Hood and steal what I can online or otherwise, because if you think I am here to pay for Nicky Minaj?look like something my cat just trow up, or?some celeb?to ?buy?an exotic?brown baby because it matches with the color of her/his handbag, or Kanye West to act like a moron that he is, fuck you, nope, I steal? And so should you, like the great philosopher once said; ?Steal bread, you?re a?thief? steal a million, you?re a baron? Download of the internet and pay for it, you?re a fucking idiot, and you deserve to be ripped off?.

Plunger to the people

Joe the Plunger



Author: Luis Pessoa
Visit Luis's Website - Email Luis
Joe the Plunger is my apolitical alter ego. A purveyor of verbal mayhem, left wing anarchist who goes around the planet with a transexual passport, (born in Brazil, raised in Portugal, lived most of my adult life in the UK and presently living in Florida). One year shy of half a century of existence who never accomplished anything worthy. A recovering alcoholic who once upon long ago had aspirations of becaming a stand up comediant who became a sad punchline to the liquor store. With that now behind me, trying to give some meaning to my life, in whatever way I can, started a blog so fucking underground that no one knows about it. Have a head full of ideas, most of them funny one, trying to express them the best way I can. hoping to start a column here on Gonzo Times called 'WIKIPISS you piss, Plunger leaks', in which the aim is in the humor, without swaying from my true convinctions (political and otherwise), in other words I am biased as fuck. You don't like it, write to your congress man or kiss my turd tunnel, either way I don't give a rats ass what you think. More to follow but all in due time. Joe the Plunger


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Syria has long, tumultuous history in Lebanon

BEIRUT (AP) ? Syria has a long and tumultuous history of meddling into Lebanese affairs. For much of the past 30 years, the seven-times-smaller Lebanon has lived under Syrian military and political domination. Damascus has often stirred tensions within Lebanon's explosive sectarian mix of Christians and Muslims to advance its regional interests, including during the country's 15-year civil war that ended in 1990. Syria's powerful allies in Lebanon include the Iran-backed militant group Hezbollah. Important milestones affecting the Syria-Lebanon relationship:

SYRIA'S CIVIL WAR: Since the uprising against President Bashar Assad began in February 2011, Lebanon has been steadily drawn into the unrest ? a troubling sign for the country with political parties rooted in various Christian and Muslim sects, many of which are armed. While Syria's revolt has intensified between predominantly Sunni rebels and Assad's regime ? dominated by Alawites, an offshoot Shiite group ? Lebanon has seen a steady flow of refugees from Syria, with frequent street clashes along its northern border. Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati, who heads a government dominated by Hezbollah and other pro-Syrian groups, has led a policy of "disassociation" from its influential neighbor. Damascus has accused Sunni groups in Lebanon of supporting rebels by trying to establish a supply line to anti-regime fighters across Lebanon's northern border.

Tensions between Beirut and Damascus deepened in August, after an arrest of former Lebanese Information Minister Michel Samaha, one of Syria's most loyal allies in Lebanon. A senior Lebanese police official, speaking anonymously because he was not authorized to talk to the media, said Samaha confessed to having personally transported explosives in his car from Syria to Lebanon to kill Lebanese. A military court indicted Samaha; Syrian Brig. Gen. Ali Mamlouk, a close aide of Assad, was indicted in absentia on charges of furnishing the explosives.


POLITICAL ASSASSINATIONS: Political assassinations in Lebanon have occurred with impunity for decades, and Syria has been blamed for many of the killings. In 2005, Syria was widely accused of involvement in the killing of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, a wealthy businessman and an influential Sunni politician. Hariri was hailed in Lebanon for rebuilding Beirut after the 15-year civil war. Following his death in a car bomb explosion, Damascus was forced to withdraw its troops and Syria's grip in Lebanon began to slip. The U.N.-backed Special Tribunal for Lebanon has indicted four Hezbollah members as suspects in the Hariri assassination. Hezbollah denies involvement in Hariri's killing and has refused to extradite the suspects.

Many Lebanese residents accused Assad's regime of being behind Friday's assassination of Brig. Gen. Wissam al-Hassan, a Sunni, who headed the intelligence division of Lebanon's domestic security forces that has been probing the assassination plot against Hariri. Al-Hassan and his agents have been credited with identifying Samaha, the former information minister, as Syria's link to Lebanon. Damascus has condemned the bombing.


HEZBOLLAH: The Iran-backed Hezbollah has been Syria's most powerful ally in Lebanon, particularly since Damascus ended its military presence in Lebanon seven years ago. The Shiite militant group has dominated Lebanese politics for more than a decade and is now in control of the government. In 2006, Hezbollah gained support from Sunnis and Christians during a 34-day war with Israel, although Lebanon's southern villages and towns and the predominantly Shiite suburbs of Beirut sustained heavy damage.

Opponents of Assad's regime say Syria's embattled president has maintained his influence in Lebanon through allies such as Hezbollah.

Since the beginning of the Syrian uprising, Hezbollah has sought to distance itself from the turmoil in Syria, although there have been allegations that the group has sent fighters to help Assad's regime fight rebels. Hezbollah's leader, Sheik Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, has not publicly sanctioned any operations in support of Assad, and warned the mayhem in the neighboring country was out of the group's control.


TROOPS ON THE GROUND: Lebanon's 15-year civil war ended in 1990 with Syrian forces defeating opponents, controlling large parts of the country and installing allied governments in Beirut. Syrian forces moved into Lebanon in 1976 as peacekeepers after the country got engulfed in civil war between Christian and Muslim militias.

Syrians were drawn into the conflict, and clashed with the Israeli troops after the 1982 invasion aimed at driving out Palestinian guerrillas. In 2000, Bashar Assad became president of Syria, succeeding his late father, Hafez Assad. Israel withdrew from South Lebanon, increasing pressure on Syria to leave. Syrian troops pulled out five years later, after sweeping street protests following Hariri's assassination. Many in Lebanon and its Western-backers blamed Syria for the killing. Damascus has denied involvement.


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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bus crash in Iran kills 26 schoolgirls


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