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Kishin Egg Types

Soul Eater: Calm Before The Storm

The world has been at peace for a little while now and most of everyone has been driven into a false sense of security. Now the Witch trimulative has been formed, and they are after the DWMA. (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)


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I considered the idea you guys were chatting about in the OOC. Since all Kishin Eggs are different in appearence, skill, and even race, I decided to post a thread on the general idea of most types of Kishin Eggs.

Evil Human
The Most basic type of Kishin Eggs, Evil humans are those who have committed evil deeds, like murder, and their soul gets tainted in the process. A human who has become a Evil human usually doesn't keep their human characteristics. They can become giants, shrink to midgets, anything you could think of. There are some evil humans who keeps some of their human characteristics, like Alcapone.

Undead Kishin
These are Undead corpses that have been brought back by a Witch to go wreak havoc on whatever crosses it's path. These require a human soul, a ritual, and the magic of a Witch to create. They can be tricky to get rid of because they move slow and are extremely resilient, but they are usually just cannon fodder and used for distractions. Easy souls for your weapon though.

Dark Weapon
This type of Kishin Egg is a weapon gone crazy devouring Human Souls. They can vary anywhere between a giant monster with razor blade hands or a normal dark human with blaster fingers. They are considered betrayers to the Academy, and are one of the top priorities to deal with when one is discovered.

Egg Leader
These guys are the closest to becoming a full blown Kishin and are the ones who are usually leading other Kishin Eggs. They are considerably more powerful than their other Egg subordinates. They are considered one of the most dangerous Kishin Eggs there are, and fighters should beware.

Black Blood Fighters
Not always Evil, but they are considered to have a considerable bit more madness than most other normal people, and those who are able to control the Black Blood are extremely powerful. If they are Evil, they are top priority for the DWMA right behind witches.

Well this was horrible, I mainly just came up with some of these on my own, so they probably really suck. Oh well, I like them. Any questions on them post here.

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