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Daly: Making a star isn?t the goal on ?The Voice?


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Image: Danielle Bradbery and Carson Daly.

Trae Patton / NBC

Danielle Bradbery, seen here with "Voice" host Carson Daly, won the competition, but will she be a star?

?The Voice? host Carson Daly said he was ?feeling good? after the hit series crowned its fourth winner on Tuesday night.

?We got a young, great talent in Danielle Bradbery, who could really make a big change in music, and we're happy about it,? he told

However, Daly said Bradbery's crowning is "bittersweet," since the 16-year-old is the show's first titleholder who wasn't a professional singer before the competition.

?Part of me says, ?Hey, it'd be nice if she had a little wear and tear on the tires? (because) I'm an old music guy,? Daly said. "But the other side is great potential. It's 2013. This is the new paradigm of the music business. Stars are launched from shows like this.?

The host and producer also addressed continuing criticism that ?The Voice? has yet to produce a winner ? or any artist ? who has gone on to make a major splash in the music industry, like ?American Idol? alums Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Jennifer Hudson have.

?It'd be naive to say we're not thinking about that,? Daly said. ?We'd like to have somebody that really pops in popular culture and makes it. (But) it's not the goal of the show. It doesn't drive the show. We're also on twice a year unlike other shows. We're putting on great television, great entertainment. That's half the battle.

?But the real question is, what do you think successful is?? he continued. ?Is someone successful when they sell a million records? Tell that to Norah Jones, who won a Grammy (but) who hasn't (sold that many records). There's different views of success. We think an artist can pop from ?The Voice? that's a great talent, that may not be commercially huge but is very successful.?

He?s says he's proud of the Emmy-nominated show he helped build just two years ago. ?Everybody's in it for the right reason. Nobody's just here to collect a paycheck. It's transparent, as a viewer when you watch the show," Daly said. "The minute we get a coach that's phoning it in, you'll know. What you see is what you get, and that's what America's loving. It'll be that way in season five, and we're looking forward to it.?

Daly will be guest-hosting TODAY all next week. ?The Voice? will begin its fifth season this fall.


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