Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Creating the perfect bathroom for your home | Home Improvement

In many ways, the bathroom can be the most important room in your house ? yet it?s probably one of the most neglected. The bathroom is usually the room where we spend time alone (however rushed!) at the start of each day, collecting our thoughts and deciding our priorities for the day ahead. Or it?s the place we come to unwind at the end of a busy day.

So it?s always a sensible idea to try and create the perfect bathroom for your home and, even more so, for yourself. How you do this will depend on you and the type of home you live in. You will instinctively know what bathroom designs you love ? and which complement the nature of your home.

So if you live in a modern purpose-built city centre apartment, it would probably not be a good idea to install a country attic bathroom with painted floorboards etc., however much you may yearn for it ? and vice-versa.

So look to your home for what?s ?acceptable? in overall design terms, but look to yourself for what you really love.
And once you have an idea of what?s possible in your bathroom space; don?t compromise. The fact is that bathrooms are easy to fit and shouldn?t be expensive to create ? whatever anyone else tells you. Don?t skimp too much on the basics like the bath and shower fittings, shower trays, taps and shower ? but do find the best quality bargains you can, and trust your own design ideas above all others.

You?ll need to think about the practicalities of what?s possible in the space you have ? and whether you want power showers, corner baths, walk-in shower units etc. But you should then be able to achieve a great deal by working creatively with complete suites that are very cheap to buy these days ? so try not to get drawn in to wasting money needlessly. People with a good eye for colour and design should be able to achieve the ideal bathroom for them and for their home with relative ease and not too expensively.
So the starting point is inspirational bathroom ideas, then your own designs and ideas, followed by good workman (or woman?) you can work with and trust.


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