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December 16, 2012 ? 11:48 am

Lisa Shrout, an outwardly very pretty, 24 year old posted this to my page this morning, ?i admit you do look good for as old as you are but your face does not. it tells of your age. let us know when you master that. lucky for us ladies we age better.? Her comment reflects the cliff we can slide down as a society into the veneer of appearance (ibid ?Shallow Hal?).

My face doesn?t look like a punching bag from age unfortunately. Born in the shared genetic backwoods of Pennsyl-tucky and choosing a career of getting hit in the face for a living doesn?t increase your chances of being on magazine covers (Oh wait, yes it did. ;) So, I married a near-sighted hot woman of my dreams, who was blind to any outward flaws because she loves me for my character virtues and service to others. (I still hide her eye-glasses to keep it stacked in my favor.)

Lisa thinks my ?body looks good,? though I don?t train for looks. I merely appear like myself excelling at what I love to do, and how I love to move. I love martial arts - all of them - and their diverse methods of alternative health and fitness. Although I walk every day between 6-8%BF at 43, and hold several world championships in a multiple sports, able to outperform competitors half my age and 100lbs heavier, we can still be judged on how others define ?beauty? in media.

I?ve seen very young people cave from the pressure of not being able to change their appearance due to social pressure; some tragically with fatal conclusiveness. I?ve seen even adults be manipulated by the media into believing that they need to look like they did when they were younger, with severe consequences for not realizing that you train differently at different ages with 100% the ?beauty.?

Beauty is how you see the world. If you see ugliness everywhere, it reflects how you feel about yourself. Unfortunately, for Lisa, though she?s outwardly a very pretty young lady right now, she sees too much ugliness inside and fears aging and losing her fading youth. If she doesn?t evolve, life will repeatedly thrust at her more obstreperous examples of this lesson, until it takes away her outwardly defined ?beauty? altogether, so that she addresses the myopia of ugliness with which she filters her world.

See the beauty. Train for health and fitness. Improve your performance in your lifestyle. Celebrate others who do the same. Support those who do not yet know how.

The only time you should be looking down on someone is when you?re helping them up because they asked for your assistance.

very respectfully,
Scott Sonnon


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