Sunday, February 10, 2013

The 10 Worst Brand Extensions - Business Insider


Do Arizona tea drinkers really want a cheese dip product?

cheese dip product.Some brands, like Virgin, have done a great job extending their brand. It's gone from music, to airlines, to trains.

Not all companies are that good at starting new lines, however.

The iced tea company Arizona, for example, should probably have stuck to its delicious beverages instead of dabbling in the dip market.?

Parham Santana, a brand extension consultancy, took a poll of 11,000 Adweek readers?who were asked to pick their top three from a list of 10 best and worst identified by Parham Santana.

According to John Parham, president of the company. ?A successful and lasting brand extension franchise must have three things: a logical fit with the parent brand; leverage for competitive advantage, and; opportunity to enhance the brand and produce sales.?

None of these brands had these.


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