Friday, March 29, 2013

Ex-Animals Singer Eric Burdon to Publish New Memoir, "Breathless ...

A half century after his music career began, Eric Burdon is as prolific as ever.? The founding Animals singer released a new solo album, ?Til Your River Runs Dry, just this past January, and he?s now preparing to publish his life story.? The rock legend has signed a joint deal with Alfred Music Publishing and his record label, ABKCO, to release a memoir titled Breathless sometime later this year.

?I live my life, breathless?A life of constant motion and excitement,? Burdon says in a statement.? ?A life that many will envy and most would avoid!? I?m extremely fortunate, at age 71, to look back on my life and write down some of the incredible things that have happened to me.?

He adds, ?I?m writing this book to help myself remember the past, acknowledge the present and help the new generation to discover their own truth?I am writing this book for all of you who helped me discover who I am today.?

Speaking about the project with ABC News Radio, Burdon notes that he expects this book to be more accurate than his past writing efforts thanks to the Web.

?I?m doing more research than I ever did, and there?s more research available than in previous writings because of the Internet,? he explains.? ?And the closer [to] the truth you get, the better it is.?

In recent years, of course, many famous rock musicians have published autobiographies, something that, Burdon admits, will make it a challenge for his own book to stand out.

?It?s all down to stories, man,? he declares.? ?If you got good stories to tell, then?you?re on the way to entertaining people, and that?s what counts.?

The British-born singer reveals that Breathless will begin at ?day one, when little Eric entered the world, and there was a war raging between us and the Nazis.?

He also points out that while many rock biographies he?s read seem to focus on humorous aspects of various musicians lives, he maintains that his story won?t shy away from the serious times he?s struggled through.

?It?s not always funny out there.? In fact, it can be downright tragic at times,? says Burdon, while noting, ?if you can make light out of tragedy, you?re well on your way.?

He also explains that growing up in the U.K. during the 1940s and ?50s, he developed ?a strong gallows humor? that?s kept him going ?under all kinds of circumstances.?

Breathless will be available in print, audio and eBook versions.? As Burdon finishes writing the memoir, he also has lined up a series of concerts in support of ?Til Your River Runs Dry.? Visit to check out all of his upcoming tour dates.

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