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'My goal is to address low self esteem and inferiority complex in ...

By Prisca Sam-Duru
Princess Simisola is? in her early twenties and already doing exploits as a woman in her chosen career as well as in her first love which is engaging the youths positively so as to become great in future.

In spite of her busy schedule as a young banker with one of the new generation banks in the country, she finds time to publish and also, to involve the youths in several meaningful projects.Her interesting narrative is amazing and full of optimism for the Nigerian youths. Read on.

Her background

I am Simisola Agunbiade, a.k.a. Princess Simisola. I am an Economics graduate of Bowen University Iwo. I work with one of Nigeria?s new generation banks. I am also the founder of SimRoyalE and hope to become Nigeria?s foremost esteem coach.

How do you describe SimRoyale?

Princess Simisola

Princess Simisola

SimRoyalE is a social enterprise that aims at proffering solutions? on low self-esteem through different mediums, avenues and platforms. One of such medium is SimRoyalE Letter, a quarterly mini-magazine addressing issues on self-esteem targeted mainly at teenagers and young ladies. Other initiatives are girls club, teen workshops, youth seminars, personal coaching which are all geared towards solving the problem of low self-esteem and inferiority complex in our youths and teenagers.

What informed the publication?

SimRoyalE letter was borne out of the desire to pass my message to the world, especially to the young uninformed girls who are drowning away in low self-esteem. Having gone through low self-esteem, inferiority complex as a young girl, I was going to use my experience and lessons to pass a message and guide them from the pitfalls caused by low self-esteem. The nearest step I could take was to do something that came to me so naturally, which is writing, so I channeled my energy in producing SimRoyalE Letter. And the major aim is for people to be enlightened and educated about issues of self-esteem so as to be inspired to maximize their lives to the fullest.

What else do you hope to achieve with? it?

As regards SimRoyalE letter, it is my desire to change at least one person?s life for the better, even though I hope it changes millions. It is my intention that the young females are enlightened and inspired to bring out the greatness inside of her to be the best she was created to be notwithstanding her colour, size, shape, height, but accept and celebrate her uniqueness.

What is the core of your message?

Self-esteem, the need for young people to dig deep and find the beauty God deposited inside of them. The need for young people to accept and celebrate their inimitability. I hope to continually pass that message across to Nigeria?s teeming youths and teenage population through varying mediums and platforms.
What would it take a youth to be enterprising?

Inner drive, diligence and discipline. It?s easy to stay laid back and accept the status quo of situations, but inner drive gives you strength and will-power to achieve your set goals. There are so many times when I have wanted to give up, but then I am reminded of the responsibility that I have to teens and youths to help overcome low self-esteem, and so I pick myself back up and get back to work. And of course, discipline is key to staying focused in achieving your goals.

Any project aside publishing?

Personally, it is always a joy to be a part of any initiative that aims at improving the lives of people especially youths and teenagers. Presently, SimRoyalE Letter is gradually evolving and we aim at continuing enlightening and inspiring both teenagers and youths to live and maximize their lives to the fullest. Another initiative is a Girls club called LACE Royals. It is recently founded with a friend of mine, and our basic objective is to gather as many teenage girls as possible to revive, renew and rejuvenate the spirit, mind and body through informal gathering/meetings/outings. And of course, as it is laid in my heart, I hope to continually do as much as I can? within my capacity to assist the youths to live a meaningful life.

Non profit exercises/programmes?

Yes, I have been involved in a couple of programmes, offering resources, services for the good of my fellow brothers and sisters. Some of which are ?Back To School? event for less privileged children which is organized by ?Beyond The Classroom Foundation?. There is also Karmajiji Project put together by Beacons Nigeria. It is always a privilege to be a part of such programmes. I hope to continue such programs for the good of the society.

Advice to youths

Never see prostitution as an option! Personally, I believe that notwithstanding the economic situation, prostitution in any form is never an option; our bodies are sacred and should be treated as such. There is dignity in doing seemingly little decent jobs to make ends meet, knowing that faithfulness in little is the key to acquiring the big things.
Education is key/ foundation for any career. And in my opinion, I believe this foundation is important to jump-start whichever path you intend to follow in life. It is important that young ladies in school are able to identify their roles in the societies, either as a banker, designer, make-up artist, business woman, caterer, Human Resource personal, accountant etc. This would enable them know the exact sector to channel their energy to. Not everybody is cut out for white collar jobs. So I?ll say, basic education is key, but of course know your strengths, talents and channel your energies appropriately.
What?s the future for women?

The older generation of women are presently working tirelessly to put their names on the global arena in varying fields, having such models. It gives my generation of women a better leverage to be greater because we get to learn through their stories and experiences. I see the Nigerian women breaking more frontiers both at home and in the global arena.

The Holy Spirit is my number one inspiration, and so I am continually filled to keep getting better. I am also driven by the passion to make my family proud, especially my dad and my spiritual parents, Pastor Yemi & Bimbo Davids. And of course, my mentors are too many to mention but particularly Fela Durotoye, Lanre Olusola, Steve Harris and Bankole Williams have stood like my second family inspiring, challenging and intimidating me to bring out a better version of me each time.

You participated in the recent leadership workshop at the U.S Consulate, tell us about it?

It was a great privilege to be shortlisted as one of the very few women to attend training on Leadership, Public Speaking and Communication organized by the U.S Consulate in Lagos. The workshop was not only educative, but really enlightening. I met other 29 passionate great women and also an amazing team of facilitators. For me, it was a period of refining, and I am glad I was a part of it.


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