Wednesday, April 24, 2013

GreenCupboards Acquires The Assets Of Ecomom, The E-Commerce Site Founded By The Late Jody Sherman

ecomomEcomom, the Las Vegas-based e-commerce site for eco-friendly kids' products founded by the late Jody Sherman, wound down its operations due to financial insolvency soon after Sherman's death at the age of 47 in January 2013. But there is a silver lining of sorts: Today it was announced that Ecomom's assets have been acquired has been acquired by GreenCupboards, a Spokane, Washington-based online retailer. Also, GreenCupboards has rebranded itself as Etailz, which will be an umbrella under which and Ecomom operate. The site, which was shut down a couple months ago, will reopen for business in early summer.


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