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Interested in starting a career as a plumber? Generally poorly stereotyped, a plumbing career can be a great trade skill and provide a great salary. Becoming a plumber is a difficult task with much more training and education than most people realize. You begin your career as an apprentice and, after enough education and hands-on experience you are promoted to journeyman and then, ultimately, awarded master plumber. This process can take anywhere take from ten to fifteen years.

What skills do I need to be a plumber? You might think anyone has the aptitude for plumbing but you would be wrong. Generally a plumber will have skills with math and possess a good deal of manual dexterity and strength. They also have a tolerance for cramped spaces, possess general problem solving skills and have the ability to work well with other people. If you try working with plumbing yourself you will soon realize it can be a complex and difficult task without the proper skills.

The path to master begins with becoming a plumbing apprentice. You can look for a union sponsored program through your state or for a government program intended to create an incentive for learning a trade. These programs combine job training with educational courses. The union sponsored programs often are in high demand and this can often lead to poor acceptance rates and long application times. Do some searching and engage the local union as to what your best opportunities are in the area.

It can be difficult to get accepted into a sponsored program. Thankfully there are alternatives to union-based programs. Look for a trade school or vocational school in your area that offers plumbing certifications. Make sure they are accredited and up-to-date with the state requirements before you enroll. Also try and look for a school with a successful job placement program. This can often take you right into a job someplace as you further your education.

It usually takes about four or five years to complete an apprentice program. Once you?ve completed the trade test you will become a journeyman plumber. In order to become a master plumber, you may have to have from four to five years of experience as a journeyman plumber. In addition, you will have to take a test. This test might cover topics such as federal state and local plumbing codes, plumbing systems, and more. Each state has different requirements and testing, so make sure that you work with your local licensing agency to find out specifically what you will need to do to get your master plumber?s license.

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