Sunday, April 7, 2013

Connah's Quay centre puts brakes on roller skating ... - The Leader

MEMBERS of a roller-skating group say they have been booted out of a town sport centre.

The Evolution Roller Figure Skating group, who have been based at Connah?s Quay Sports Centre, say they have to find somewhere else to skate because the floor on which they skate has been re-sealed and varnished.

Carys Gill is head coach of the weekend group that started earlier this year, and is shocked at the decision to not let them use the facility.

She said: ?We have used this centre in the past without a single mark or complaint.

?I have spent about ?1,000 on advertising after we were approved to use the sports centre. After setting up and getting started, the centre manager doesn?t want us on his new shiny floor.

?So, with no prior warning we have been told we cannot use the centre in future.?

A spokesman for Flintshire Council said: ?The roller-skating booking at Connah?s Quay Sports Centre was accepted for three weeks in March 2013.

?The re-sealing of the sports hall floor was completed during the Easter school holidays which was necessary to protect and improve the surface.?

Miss Gill said she has spoken with the company that carried out the work on the floor who told her it is unlikely the skating would cause any damage.

?There are hundreds of skating clubs across the UK who use these floors daily to train without any problem,? she added.

?The cost to re-seal the floor is ?2,000 every two years. But the income from the club in rental fees over two years would have been ?30,000.?

The group has been offered an alternative by Flintshire Council, which said the group can use Flint High School, but Miss Gill fears a lot of children and teenagers from Connah?s Quay will be unable to travel to Flint and will lose out.

She said: ?It?s beyond a joke. Good friends of mine that worked there have lost their jobs due to lack of funds, then here we come, a family based sports club, offering ?360 per week and they say ?no?.?

The council spokesman added: ?The future use of Connah?s Quay Sports Centre?s sports hall for roller skating is currently being reviewed.?

Evolution Roller Figure Skating will meet at Flint High School tomorrow at 11am.


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