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Does Elections During a Holy Mass Constitute a Liturgical Abuse? Has Fr.Bonaventure Pereira of Divine Mercy Church Bhayander contributed to Community Welfare Fund?

Currently the Archdiocese of Mumbai is having elections to fill up the posts of its Parish Pastoral Council.

Are these elections free and fair?

In any election any elector can also be a candidate and then and only then ,can the election be considered to be free and fair.

However to be a candidate for the Parish Pastoral Council in Mumbai there are three conditions:

1.Candidate should be a catholic.

2.Candidate should be 25 years old.

3.Candidate should be a member of the core group.

Thus the bulk majority of electors can never be a candidate as per the rules and only the ten or fifteen members of the core group can stand for elections and hence the said election can never be said to be ?free and fair.

In fact if the Church in Mumbai has taken a decision that candidates shall have to be members of the core group then those elections should have been held within the Core Group itself ?and the general congregation should never have been involved since only the core group members know how ?the canditate works and whether he/she is worth electing.

Two and a half years ago vide my e mail dated 17/09/10 I had written to the Archbishop of Mumbai that elections are not one of the 7 sacraments and hence should never be held during the mass.It is common knowledge that if one of the parties to any marriage is a non catholic,the marriage ceremony is either held before or after the mass and can never be part of the mass as it is not a sacrament.Thus the mass is considered highly sacred.

What is the justification for having elections during a mass?

Doesnt holding elections during mass constitute a LITURGICAL ABUSE?

If there is any justification from the authorities then why are property sale proposals also not discussed and finalised during mass?

We have a Priest who was a Kalina Parish Priest some 13 years ago who showed a plot as fully encroached and undervalued a church ?property ?and sold roughly 700 meters of land donated to the Church by the Miranda family for just Rs.3,51,000/- in the year 1995.Today the new owners have evicted the 3 catholic tenants and a case against the fourth tenant is pending.The Church has not filed an FIR against the culprits till today and in fact have given a clean chit to the accused against whom an FIR has been filed.The said Priest Fr.John Rumao has been granted interim anticipatory bail by the Sessions Court Mumbai till April 8th ,2013.

We,have a Parish Priest who defamed a person publicly from the pulpit in Kalina and the Cardinal did nothing about it( Not the ?current Parish Priest).

We have a Parish Priest Fr.Bonaventure Pereira of Divine Mercy Church Bhayander who has put up the names of several defaulters of the Community Welfare Fund on the notice board of the parish. Despite announcements made during the mass that the said list would be put up ?only on 31st March 2013,yet the said list was put up on ?17th March 2013.The said Parish Priest also gets a ? salary does ?he contribute to the said fund?Has he contributed to Community Welfare Fund in all the previous parishes where he was posted?

The list can go on and on where we have instances of Priests giving us excellent sermons but not practising what they preach.

We , are sure that this issue will also be swept under the carpet .We have newspapers which carry catholic news in India AND who publish ?selective news.Not a single catholic newspaper carried a single article regarding the consecration of a Protestant Bishop by a Catholic Bishop of Allahabad, which is a GRAVE LITURGICAL ABUSE.The said Bishops resignation has now been accepted by the previous Pope.

Some Priests today do not ?have a VOCATION but they ON VACATION.Is it their job to save souls or Has making money and insulting people become a full time business?

The laity of Mumbai has remained silent and hence these type of Priests have become bolder and bolder and as time goes their numbers may also increase.I think the concerned officials should stop fooling the members of the Laity and should become more Christ Like.

Priests should also expose these type of Priests as all the Priests get a bad name due to the unpriestly acts of a few Priests.We do believe in the sin of complicity.

How many Priests are really ready to imitate Christ?

Would Christ have done the acts which these type of Priests have done?

Despite several letters sent to the Pro Nuncio/Cardianl no action has been taken.

Will Pope Francis approve and do the same acts which these Priests have done? Let any priest from Mumbai give me the justification for these acts.

I would be wrong if I use the same paint brush to paint all the Priests because I believe that as of today there are only a few bad apples but if the administration does not act then there will be more bad apples and less good ones and hence this should be nipped in the bud.



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