Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Samsung SGH-i337 hits FCC with AT&T LTE bands, fits the GS 4 profile

Samsung SGHi337 hits FCC with AT&T LTE bands, fits the GS 4 profile

We have to be skeptical when new devices arrive at the FCC without photos or a blinking sign that says "I Am AT&T's Samsung Galaxy S 4." But even doubters can connect the dots in this case and declare that a certain Samsung SGH-i337 that the FCC just waved through is likely that very model. Why? First off, it's carrying a certain LTE band 17 used exclusively by AT&T in the US. Secondly, the dimensions line up perfectly with what we recently got our hands on at Samsung's recent Galaxy S 4 phone-a-palooza. Finally, we already saw a device packing the same model number on UAProf, a normally reliable source that revealed a 1,080 x 1920 screen and "ARM11" Exynos processor. Since it's unlikely the carrier has another unannounced 1080p model coming from Samsung, those coveting an AT&T GS 4 can probably start warming up their wallets.

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Source: FCC


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