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Travel & Leisure Blog's: Using Disney Vacation Homes Orlando ...

When visiting the area known as capital of theme parks, vacationers have many options. Although many will choose the traditional route of the nearby hotel, others choose a more cost effective option. With Disney Vacation Homes Orlando area visitors are able to return to their own oasis offering many more amenities than are found in the typical hotel.

Although there is a lot of fun to have at the parks, it can be far from relaxing, especially for the parents of the group. When staying in short term rentals, families often have access to a private pool, spa, game room or private master suite with its own large screen TV. Additionally, there is a fully equipped kitchen so the group is able to cook their own healthy dinner and avoid the cost of eating out.

Florida's theme parks serve to make the state one of the most popular destinations in the world. Before he died, Walt signed documents approving this complex of four major theme parks that also included two water parks, entertainment areas and shopping. There is golfing and other parks nearby, such as Universal and Sea World. In the various parks there are thrill rides, shows and educational experiences.

The short term rental is ideal for larger families. While hotels often require these families to rent two or more rooms and that an adult stay in each room, the family does not encounter such restrictions in the rental. There are large options that can sleep two dozen or more as well as condos that are ideal for a couple. Mom and dad can have a private bedroom together and the kids are nearby.

Smaller families often prefer the convenience found in a condominium. Such rentals still offer great amenities that one would expect in first class lodging. Visitors may have access to gym equipment and swimming pools. The smaller lodging is also equipped with the full kitchen allowing one to prepare meals for the group and reduce travel costs.

Visitors will find no shortage of places to buy groceries in the area. There is a 24 hour grocery store located across from the main entrance to the World, called Gooding's. Winn-Dixie is located a couple of blocks away. Publix is the most common grocery stores in the area and in practically every neighborhood. These stores can provide food for nutritious family meals as well as those to prepare meals that meet special dietary needs.

While many spend their trip visiting with Mickey those with a few extra days will find the area offers many other activities as well. Daytona Beach offers beautiful sandy beaches that are only 45 minutes to the east. Winter Park offers boutique shopping just three miles to the north. Seminole County, thirty minutes to the north offers outdoor adventures such as rafting, canoeing and boat cruising along the Saint Johns River.

When staying in Disney Vacation Homes Orlando visitors find options not available in most hotels. The family has plenty of room to relax, can prepare meals and enjoy the amenities. The trip can provide great fun whether in a condo or single family home.

Source: http://travel-leisure-blogs.blogspot.com/2013/04/using-disney-vacation-homes-orlando.html

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